About Us

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EntPerMaSys is a mix of experienced senior professionals with a diverse background of leadership roles and track records of Finance and IT organisations partnering to improving Finance effectiveness and enabling value creation across a range of organisations from Indian MNCs to US listed companies’ India offices and Indian proprietary / owner driven companies.

Our aim is to enable today’s small and medium enterprises (SME) CXOs in general and CFOs in particular focus on long term value creation as a means to realising and sustaining superior valuation.

Our services are aimed towards enabling SMEs tap into a pool of experienced and ready professionals to identify problem areas or root causes of low organisational performance, launch enterprise performance improvement initiatives, streamline the critical processes that are needed for such improvements, identify and deploy the needed systems and train staff in the associated methodologies to enable them operate the new systems and processes.

In our collective experience – we did notice a gap in the EPM methodologies, systems and processes deployed

  • Gap in the EPM methodologies and related systems and processes in MNCs and SME companies in India, and
  • Low rate of adoption of advanced EPM methodologies in the SMEs in particular

To further enhance the effectiveness of Corporate / Enterprise Performance Management practices,  EntPerMaSys brings to it’s clients in partnership with Gary Cokins of Analytics Based Performance Management LLC the following best of breed EPM methodologies –

  • Profitability analysis using the Rapid Prototyping approach for ABC / TDABC implementations
  • Accounting and Analytics Maturity assessments as per the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) framework of Finance / Costing Maturity assessment
  • Strategy execution using the Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps

EntPerMaSys works with you to bringing a unique blend of international consulting expertise with an understanding of the local Indian context to make the some of the most internationally successful EPM practices work for your organisation.

The net result of this is a conversion of raw, unstructured data,  combined with best of breed processes running on robust systems – delivering the much needed hindsight, insight and foresight for decision making, leading to optimal organisational performance.