Training & Resources

Welcome to the Training & Resources section.

Like any other major transformation initiative – EPM also is – above everything else – a major change for most people in the organization. The changes need to be communicated to people, and they need to be prepared for and accept the changes – for the process to yield the intended benefits.

Training is one of the opportunities to communicate, convince and prepare people at various levels within the organization about the rationale for, methods used and expected outcomes of the changes coming their way – it will impact all of them profoundly,

Depending upon which components need to be implemented in your organization, and the sequence in which they need to be rolled out  – EntPerMaSys can assist your transformation efforts by devising a suitable training schedule for your staff.

To begin with – you can access some of the most relevant, thought-provoking articles on EPM in the Resources section, that you can not only read also but use guide your deployment  as you progress on your journey to realize the full potential of EPM for your organization.